One of our main goals is to enhance financial inclusion and improve access to capital globally. We believe that an excellent way to do this is by connecting people! We are working on creating solutions to issues of poverty, disease and climate change, factors which we believe can adversely impact ability to access capital, especially in third world countries. We strive to do this through education, philanthropy, research, development, empowerment, employment and mobilization of the economically disadvantaged!

We encourage users to open a free ‘banc’ account on so that they can send and receive digital payments within the application. We believe this will be extremely beneficial especially to the unbanked and high poverty population!

The issue of poverty is highly complex and is truly pervasive in many parts of the world. While our focus is on mitigating issues globally we are also paying close attention to regions like Malaysia, Malawi, Burundi, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Haiti, India and southern Mexico where there is unlimited potential for socio- economic growth, but also a high volume of hardship.  These areas in many cases are severely lacking due to poor technology infrastructure and internet resources. Our primary focus is on individuals living below the poverty line.

On our platform we enable communication through text, video chat, and the open Friendbanc market. Thus far we have created virtual online locales, communities, themes and  conversations that allow you to make new friends, advertise, post a video, or even ask a question. You can invite your friends, chat 1 on 1 or comment on  any  of  the topics!

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Friendbanc!…A social, financial and humanitarian vehicle.

The pillars/product lines…  

1. Friendbanc mobile

2. Friendbanc health

3. Friendbanc entertainment

4. Friendbanc fashion

5. Friendbanc AI/ Motors

6. Friendbanc ventures

**Allow  5-10 business days for product delivery

**Proceeds from sales go to support Friendbanc’s humanitarian mission!

**Forward all questions to quick response team at or call/text.


**All Products ship internationally!

  **Looking for the cheapest  prices online? No worries, we can match or beat prices of any products!… Simply put your request in ‘Buy it cheaper’ chat room and include your email address and your price range. We will get back to you quickly as soon as we find something!